Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food For

The Whole Entity

Eggplant cutlets and a salad with one of the magically appearing tomatoes was the perfect treat for tonights dinner. (dinner tonight?) I am my own grammar police, sometimes.

I took a few pictures at John’s shop today with the FZ5. Some of the images were hungry for an extra helping of post editing effects, so I put a dollop of uSketch on them.

It was a warm day today, and this evening will likely stay in the 70’s. I knew that Redding summers were hot when I came to live here. It is dry here, so temps over 100 aren’t so bad.

I don’t think I could be comfortable in Mississippi, or the rest of the southern states, now that the temperatures there are climbing quickly to record breaking highs well over 110. The south was miserable enough with temps in the 90’s when I lived there in the 1960’s.

I have been playing with the camera in the iPod Touch today, too. I keep trying to find the sweet spot for taking detailed pictures. I have found the range for videos that work well, but I am still fiddling around with still pictures.

I even got a little stylus to use with some of the drawing programs. I am learning how to draw with it. I find it is more natural for me, since I have been drawing with pens and pencils for over 60 years. So, expect more cartoons to appear in future posts.

I guess the main ingredient of today’s posting was to give myself, and you, a taste of a few new ways of preparing the images I serve up on this blog.

Now, I think I will eat some pie and ice cream for dessert. If it looks good enough, I will probably take a picture or two that you may see eventually. In the meantime, here is a little time-lapse I took with the iPod Touch while waiting for the fireworks on the fourth.

Today’s Video;

Light Fare

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