Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Travels

Close To Home

Here we have the perfect illustration of how to save a banana for another day. One simply uses some of the banana peel to cover the exposed part of the banana. If the seal is good, then it’s just as fresh as if it had its original skin on the part where it had been sliced.

Now you see the banana is as fresh and tasty as the first half was on Sunday.

I stopped by John Harrison’s violin shop earlier today. I saw that he had treated the wood in preparation for applying the ground to this new Guarneri violin copy that he’s been working on. I heard him play it the other day to test the sound before starting the varnish process. The tone is beautiful.

Natural Wonders

This is a closer view of that flower that I’ve been following. You can plainly see how the blossom is forming from the center. The little tubes release yellow flowers on stems as the tube itself unfolds and becomes a petal.

I don’t know where the ants fit in the scheme of things, there must be something there that they like to eat.

Here are a few more of the flowers in the garden from this Tuesday.

Today was another warm one, and I spent a lot of it outdoors. I went down to Turtle Bay to see if I could spot the eagle nests. I also went down to the river at the kayak launching spot to take more pictures. By the time I got back to the Treehouse, took a few more shots of flowers, and got back in my apartment, I was really happy to have air-conditioning.

Tonight I am cleaning out files, (after I back them up), and preparing the MacBook for Mountain Lion. That’s the name of the new operating system from Apple being introduced tomorrow.

I’ve been looking forward to this update because it will mean that I can mirror everything that’s happening on this MacBook, and it will play on the TV without wires. At least I hope that’s what will happen. There is a possibility that my MacBook is too old to support all 200 of the new features. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Clouds over MT Lassen

Today’s Stylish Video;

Designing Bond's Look from Barbican Centre on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo.


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