Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening Day

For Something

Well, today the Olympics had their opening day ceremony. I forgot to watch it. If I had wanted to watch it, I would need to find another country’s website because one needs to be subscribed to cable service or something so you can watch the NBC live stream on the Internet.

France, China, the U.K., and other countries with a team or athlete participating in the games, have got their websites streaming the events live for free on the Internet. So, I must cheer on the USA while watching the Olympics in Chinese, or French.

Who am I kidding? I could go down to the community room and watch the Olympics on the Treehouse cable channel TV if I wanted to hear it in English. For some reason, I don't like to spend a lot of time watching TV. I have too many other things I'd rather do with my time.

Like today, I worked up a couple of new songs for the band I'm in with John Harrison. I also took a whole bunch of pictures, did some research about iPads, took Mark Relly to the convention center to pick up food, read some of the book about Glock, (the Austrian gun manufacturer), and participated in a few other engaging activities.  

I guess there are a lot of fun things that I would not be doing if I was sitting around watching TV, (things like writing this blog).

I suppose that my having internet access to every movie, every television show, every newscast, every event in the world at any time I'd like to watch them, I kind of get a little picky about what I watch, and how much of it I want to watch at a time. It's not like I’ll miss anything, because all the shows are always there anytime I want to see them.

I stopped in John's violin shop today and he put new strings on my guitar. Thursday night when we were playing at Lulu’s, I noticed that my strings were dead. I was having trouble getting any good sounds out of them. He does a much better job of stringing up guitars, (or violins), than I do, so I am glad he offers to change the strings on my wonderful, 30+ year old Takamine.

While I was there I tried some experiments using various angles and light sources with the camera trying to get the natural colors of the instruments. I think I got the color of the viola, (pictured above), just about the color spectrum it really is. Pretty, isn't it?

Here, once again, is that flower that I'm following each day. You can see the hole in it where the ants have excavated and established a little village inside the core of the flower.

And finally, I like to show you how the blooms on the roses along the driveway can sometimes look better as they fade and wilt. When the light is just right, the ragged edges that were brown, now are purple.

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