Saturday, July 21, 2012


And Smiling

Food for entertainment, and tasty masticating, is great fun. I am learning that even with so many variables in play when photographing food, there are some spots in the kitchen, and angles for the camera, that magically capture the colors and personalities of the different nutrients just prior to my eating them.

The healthier and fresher the ingredients, the more life and color is recognized by the sensors in the digital cameras. Dinner, that I ate earlier this evening, would have made a less interesting photograph if I hadn’t included the fresh, organic tomato from Linda’s garden.

This is another view of Friday’s breakfast.

I changed the angles and it changed the significance in the balance of the fruits. As a result, the camera also saw different shades in the colors than it did in the previous image.

Thursday night was the Shasta Blues Society Jam. John Harrison, (above), split his playing time between the bass and guitar. He played guitar during the times that I played, and we had fun.

Sarah Pappenheim got back from Michigan, ( or Minnesota ), just in time to play a set with us. She had been gone for a month or so and it was nice to hear her drumming with us again.

There still are plenty of flowers growing around the Treehouse to give me ingredients for making eye candy, and I harvest as many pictures as I can stuff in my cameras, every day.

Some of the seasonal flowers seem like old friends that show up at different times of the year.

This is the first one of these flowers to show up this year. They are fascinating to watch as they unfold little tubes from the center that become petals. This goes on for weeks, until there is a pineapple looking thing that forms beneath the flower when the older petals fall off. I will try to follow this one closely, so you can see what I mean.

Now, after waiting a week or so, the video that documents my first successful attempt at making a single serving of whipped cream for pie and ice cream.

For some reason, the stores have been quietly replacing the real whipped cream in a can, with some sort of chemical cocktail called whipped topping. They even use similar artwork and colors on the cans to trick people into thinking they are buying something they can digest. This has prompted me to learn how to make my own out of real, organic, cream and sugar, (so far, I haven’t tasted the need to explore adding vanilla).

Today’s Tasty Video;

The Real Deal

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