Saturday, July 7, 2012


Is Elusive At Times

It’s easy for me to understand a good photograph when I see it. Sometimes I can tell when I take the perfect picture for that camera, with that light and color, that will be a finished product after it is ‘developed’. The cereal I had this morning was one of those pictures. No post processing required, it stands as is.

This picture of Lassen with oleander in the foreground was one that I knew would need some work, even as I took it. The late afternoon shadows left the oleander in the dark and Mt Lassen was hidden in the smoke from the various fires that have been burning in the north state. It took a bit of post processing manipulative magic to get the result I had imagined when I took the picture.

Earlier today, I saw these few white, puffy clouds over Lassen. It is still hazy across the way, but I thought I might use that to the picture’s advantage. This shot went through several different effects programs until it became enjoyable to look at, but I think it was worth it.

This picture of a rose in denial is as photographed. No post processing was required.

The lifespan of a rose that blooms is very short when the days are hot and the nights are warm. I have my thermostat set around 79 degrees for the air conditioning. This provides a comfortable zone indoors.

79 degrees feels cool when it’s 100 degrees outside. We adapt to a temperature where we can shed our body heat at a lifesaving rate. We become uncomfortable and suffer if our bodies can’t readily regulate our temperature.

I liked seeing the tiny shadow, cast by this equally tiny spider.

There are interesting topics of discussion in various magazines and news sites that I visit, and occasionally I post comments of admiration, encouragement, sometimes even correction.

The comments that are contentious generally revolve around the misinformation that is repeated daily on Fox News, talk radio, and sometimes respected news organizations.

This is where the understanding part comes in. It is a waste of time to introduce facts, history, scientific data, or even to suggest that what the right wing media has taught these people to believe is untrue and misleading. This will just trigger a bunch of name calling, straw arguments, and whatever they heard Limbaugh or Hannity say.

This firefighting airtanker is returning from dropping a load on a wildfire that started at a shooting range in Cottonwood. An 18 year old shooter started the fire. He said his bullet ricocheted off the rock, sparking a small fire.

This local news story comes on the heels of a 2 day comment thread where misinformed people would not accept the idea that bullets can start a fire. Several commenters claimed the government was trying to take away their constitutional right by prohibiting the use of firearms in fire prone areas.

I replied that nowhere in the constitution does it give anyone the right to be irresponsible and reckless. Knowing there is the slightest chance you could start a fire when shooting in fire prone conditions, is reckless and irresponsible behavior.

After I repeated myself in several different ways, the arguing faded away as people realized they were defending irresponsible and reckless behavior.

I think I may have found a method that leads to mutual understanding. I will try it out the next time I encounter someone who repeats what they hear on Fox News instead of actually knowing what they are talking about.

This picture of Lassen is another example of finding a way through the smoke and haze to show this magnificent volcano. This process is a blend of a few different effects programs combined with the original image until reaching a satisfactory result.

This weekend is the Mt Lassen Art Festival in Viola. I plan to go there tomorrow. One of my Treehouse neighbors has some of her artwork on display there.

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