Monday, July 9, 2012


Briefly Examined

There are a few hardy rose bushes that continue to produce one beautiful rose after another, even in the Redding heat. Each new day brings a new bud, or bloom.

They transform the harsh light of the relentless sun into rich, smooth, colors. The sunlight is so bright that the shadows become inky darkness behind the spotlighted natural beauty.

Music Monday

Peggy and I look over the songlist like it is a menu at a gourmet restaurant.

Today was a wonderful example of music’s magical transcendental power. A few of the residents had their cars broken into on Sunday night and they were understandably feeling violated. It was hard not to harbor vengeful thoughts toward the culprits who would do such a thing.

It was time for songs that we know and love to come to the rescue.

For an hour, the hurt and confusion was eclipsed by the healing, happy power of music.

Margaret Miller was kind enough to apply her photographic talents to document our Monday Music Fest. Using the Lumix TZ3, she did a wonderful job of capturing the powerful feelings that were flowing through Peggy and me. That is not easy to do. Thank you, Margaret.

So there you have it; A 3 million mile Volvo, beautiful, hot roses, images that captured musical magic, and for dessert...

Today’s Video;

Short And Sweet

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