Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Pair Of Shoes?


Actually there were two things involved here. I needed a pair of white sneakers, and I needed another pair of shoes to change into during the day...

I'm finding that I have to change my shoes periodically during the day. While walking around, my back will start complaining, my feet will hurt, and my shoes will feel like I am walking on bags of walnuts, (If you have ever worn rental ski boots, you know what I mean).

If I change my shoes, it sometimes makes a difference.

I think the damage to my back has altered my gait. Put a hitch in my giddy-up.

The reduction in the flow of nerve impulses to my left leg, has me walking with a limp.

Shoes that once fit perfectly, now feel different. If I am to be comfortable and walk straight, I must switch shoes at least once a day. My left foot seems to be changing shape over time. This is a new and interesting experience for me. Life is fascinating.

The sneakers that I got today, are some sort of Dr. Scholl's footwear with fancy insoles. We’ll see how they work over the next month or so. I haven't had a pair of white sneakers for a number of years so I think they will be fun.

Remember, this August gives us a nocturnal, celestial treat; A Blue Moon.

I really enjoy photography. It gives me another way to explore this wonderful world in which we live.

Margaret Miller took some really nice pictures on Music Monday using my Lumix FZ3 camera while Peggy Richardson and I played.

Photo Credit - Margaret Miller

The Treehouse got a new piano. Well, a new ‘used’ piano. Peggy sounded good on the real piano. Her inspired playing livened up Monday’s Music Fest.

Next week, I play with the LMP Trio.

I need to take my guitar playing skills up a few notches when I play with Leona and Marian. ( Leona plays alto sax. Marian plays piano. Phil plays guitar.) They are high caliber musicians.

We will be playing on the patio at the Richmond Museum of History, August 7th, as part of Richmond Day, (the day of Richmond's incorporation in 1905).

Today’s Video;

Jonny & Will - Dancing Bear from Blink on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo


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