Thursday, July 26, 2012

Familiar Melody

Nice Music

Whether it's the sound of the hummingbirds wings, or the blues songs played at Lulu’s tonight, music is a beautiful gift.

There are some wonderful color combinations with the garden this week.

I'm not sure what these red star shaped things are, (above). Some sort of Dalia? They are just blooming for a day or so, and then they die off.

This is another kind of Dalia. It grows very, very tall.

Yesterday, was spent installing the new Macintosh OS-X Mountain Lion. I'm noticing that my computer runs much faster and smoother than it did with the previous version of Lion.

I will write a full review after I have used it in the many ways that I use this MacBook. One of the best things I have noticed, so far, is the improvement in overall performance.

Some of the new features that I am enjoying are;

  • Dictation - I just talk and it does the typing.
  • iCloud Connectivity - I can share pictures, documents and folders with my little iPod Touch. This is handy when I don’t have my MacBook with me and I want to show a project, or edit photos, etc.
  • Notifications - An unobtrusive way of announcing new incoming mail, messages, and more. Similar to the notifications on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Trader Joe’s Wild Salmon dinner, with fresh garden tomatoes.

Today’s Olympic Video;

Olympic Vermin from Leo Bridle on">Vimeo.

Let The Games Begin

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