Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awash In Stardom

Redding’s Stellar Blues Band
The Phil Seymour Band  1/12/11

We took some pictures yesterday at Jeff’s house. Everyone remembered to bring their band shirts, so we had the opportunity to take some publicity photos, at last.

Fancy Photography Studio
The line up, before I change the background. 1/12/11

I set the Lumix TZ1 atop a small tripod on the roof of the Buick, which was parked 2 feet sideways from where we are standing. I would stand on the other side of the car, set up the shot, set the ten second timer, press the release, run around the car, get in the picture, watch the blinking light, and ‘click’, we would have a group photo.

One Of My Favorites
There are about a half dozen ‘good ones’ that I can play with. 1/12/11

In addition to spending some quality time editing band pictures, I am re-doing the iBook again. Some things didn’t sit right with my vision for the book when I reviewed the video slide show that I recently concocted, and around 4:30 this morning I woke up with some changes in mind for the book. I am glad I have this Macbook because I was able to grab it off of the dresser and begin redesigning ‘From Kindling To Concert’ while the ideas were fresh in my consciousness.

When I looked at the changes later in the day, they were a big improvement. There are a couple more little things I would like to tidy up, then I will make another new and improved presentation-slide-show-movie-video-clip for your perusal.

Ravioli Redo
I had some Trader Joe’s raviolis last night. These are leftovers. 1/13/11

My world seems to be back in order, I hope yours is too. I found many fascinating stories and scientific research articles to fill my mind with spiritually and intellectually enriching endeavors, and it is good.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Be Amazed

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