Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coming To You

From The Heavens

This is perfect
for those who don't stay up really late to gaze at the stars. It's happening this Monday, (Jan. 3), early in the evening.

Look to the northeast
around 5pm here on the west coast and you may see a few meteors thanks to the Quadrantid Meteor Shower emanating from low on the horizon.

What A Day

Mount Shasta could be seen in all it's wintry splendor. 1/2/11

One of my favorite vantage points for pictures by Lake Shasta. 1/2/11

Shasta from the vantage point shown above. 1/2/11

Take It To The Bridge

Original Deistelhorst  bridge lamppost reflected in puddle. 1/2/11

Take It From The Bridge

Looking westward from Deistelhorst bridge at Shasta Bally. 1/2/11

Driveway Rose

Brilliant red roses along the Treehouse Senior Apartments driveway. 1/2/11

Everyone Enjoyed The Sun

Jo Anna's dog Brandi got a new sweater for the new year. 1/2/11
That's thousands of words worth of pictures, so I need only say; "Have a happy and prosperous new year".

Today's relatively Appropriate Song;

  California Dreamin' by Phil Seymour
Warm Thoughts

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