Sunday, January 2, 2011

With Snow

Enter The New Year

Snow on the trees at the Treehouse around 2:00AM. 1/1/11

Earlier That Night

Still shot from a little video footage. 12/31/10

We had a real good time
playing for the new years eve party at the Round Mountain community center. They had food, a raffle, and of course, live music.

The band played well and the crowd enjoyed what we had to offer. There weren't too many people still there at midnight because around 11:00 it started snowing in earnest, ( I think that's a town up the road ), and they wanted to get back home while the roads were passable. Those who were left joined us as we whooped and hollered in the new year.

Then It Was Time To Load Up
John loads equipment into his wife's wagon. 1/1/11

We knew that the weather forecast was for possible snow, so we came somewhat prepared. John left his Mustang at home and drove his wife's vehicle. I left the Buick at home and rode with John. Mark and Jeff have 4 wheel drive trucks, so they could handle driving on the snow covered mountain road in the event that it actually did snow.

Jeff loads his drums into the back of his truck.  1/1/11

Mark loads his equipment, and the PA system into his truck. 1/1/11

We caravaned down the mountain with Mark blazing the trail. Jeff brought up the rear in case Johns 2 wheel drive wagon had problems. It was a beautiful sight. Large, fluffy flakes filled the air, covered the road, and coated the trees. At times was like traveling through a star filled tunnel.

About a mile
before the town of Ingot we came upon a woman standing on the snowy road, waving her arms. Mark apparently didn't see her through the heavy snowfall, but John did, and he pulled over to see what was going on. We couldn't see a car anywhere. She had spun out and slid off the side of the road down to the creek.

She was barefoot
and her head was bleeding quite a bit, (as head wounds generally do), and she was only wearing a peasant blouse and low rider jeans. The snow was coming down too thick to get a signal on our cell phones, so John and I left her with Jeff and headed down the road to call 911. When we finally found a spot where there was a signal we saw the emergency vehicles headed up to where she was.

"Somebody must have called earlier"
, I said. John let me know that the woman had told him she called 911 at the time of her wreck. She had never driven in snow before, but she had decided that she was going to drive up and see her boyfriend in Montgomery Creek. She said someone coming down the road had drifted into her lane, and her maneuver to avoid that car sent her out of control and off the road.

We continued
on our way, saw Mark waiting for us, and he forged a path for us once again. I mentioned to John that maybe she wouldn't get a DUI since we hadn't seen any police cars headed up the road. Just as I was saying it we saw the lights of a police car coming up the road.

It was still snowing
quite heavily at times even though we had come down to lower elevations, but we could see the road through the snow once we got to the I-5 junction.

That's when I tried calling Jeff's cell phone. His cell phone was working because he and the injured woman got tired of waiting for the ambulance and began driving down to the hospital. As they were driving they saw the emergency vehicles going up the road and tried fruitlessly to flag them down. When they got to a spot with cell phone service, they called 911 to contact the emergency crew to let them know where they were.

I suggested
that now that help had arrived, he would do well to be on his way before the snow closed the road. He said the Medical people were tending to her in his truck, but as soon as they moved her he would be heading home.

Outside The Community Center

This was too good of a photo opportunity to pass up. 1/1/11

This Nativity scene was set up outside the Round Mountain community center, and with the snow it was a sight well worth sharing with you.

Christmas is coming January 7th, and this picture will make a nice Christmas card.

Happy New Year, and Merry Orthodox Christmas.

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