Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walk Right In

This Wonderful World
Next to Rivers restaurant, watching the drift boats. 1/21/11

The Rivers restaurant may have gone out of business, but the view remains. Some people say that the prices were too high for the quality of the food. Some say Redding just won’t support a high end eatery. Some say it was the economy, but I say that the restaurant business is fickle and I am surprised that any of them survive.

Caught Mid Cast

I guess this is because of the many years I have spent playing music in restaurants, (and associated bars), and watching just what a complex juggling act that operating them can be.

Some Mom and Pop restaurants last as long as Mom and Pop do, and some trendy places can’t last past the trend. The food and drink business is tricky, and not something I would be inclined to undertake.

Further Downstream
A favorite photo spot by the Bonnyview bridge. 1/21/11

The Lumix TZ1 seemed to love this spot on the river. I have been there before with my other cameras, but I don’t recall the pictures capturing the mood and character like this.

I could not have dreamed up a prettier day for this image. 1/21/11

High resolution pictures of January On The River.

Mount Lassen
This wonderful volcano is a daily sight at the Treehouse.

I put together a collection of Lassen images from January that show its moods so far this month. With all the beauty in front of me, my blog has been mostly photography lately. I guess that is God’s way of keeping things in perspective for me. The immaturity and foolishness of right wing lunatics are just specks of fly poop on the horizon when natures creations are front and center.

Hatchet Ridge turbines in the afternoon light.

All the fuss, fury, and angry opposition has moved on to other issues, now that people have come to realize the value of the turbines on Hatchet Ridge, and that their worst fears didn’t materialize like the naysayers predicted.

I think they add character and beauty to the ridge.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Just Beautiful

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