Sunday, January 30, 2011

Breathing Deeply

In The Moment

The sun came out today and some things started drying out. The soggy center of this rose was happy to experience evaporation in the afternoon sunshine.

It’s day 3 of my weekend camping trip, (without leaving home), and I still have plenty of food, although I did run out of ice cream. I guess I will just have to ‘rough it’ for the next day or two.

This morning I finally got comfortable with the idea of not having to be anywhere. I was right where I belonged. Once I woke up, I even laid in bed for about 15 minutes without feeling like I should be up and getting things done. Ahhh, tranquility at last.

This camping stuff is like a seminar in relaxation technique immersion.

I spent the morning, (I use that term relative to the time I rise), reading the news. The most interesting article for me was in the Christian Science Monitor. It was a 7 page story about Germany and how it is becoming the worlds leader in manufacturing and precision industrial exports.

One of my neighbors had asked for some greeting cards featuring Mt. Shasta, so I spent some time experimenting with Image Tricks to see what clever manipulations could be applied to some of my Mt. Shasta photos. In the end, it was the simple magic of the mountain captured by the Lumix TZ1 that provided the images I used for the cards. Still, it was fun becoming more familiar with the image modifying tools.

The great outdoors beckoned with skies of blue and birdies too. A couple of tours of the treehouse grounds produced happy, healthy feelings, as well as some nice pictures.

The image stabilization built into the Lumix worked nicely when I took a hand held, 10x zoom shot from the ground, of a robin perching on the top branch of a tree. I went up to the second floor landing and using a tripod, found a hole through the leaves of a nearby tree that allowed me to get another picture of the same bird.

From the same spot on the landing, I turned the camera toward distant Mt. Shasta, lit nicely by the low angle of the soon to be setting sun.

What a magnificent place to spend my camping weekend.

I walked through ‘A’ building to the landing on the western side and watched the sun set. My experiment in camping at home is a pleasurable success, and one I will gladly repeat anytime.

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