Saturday, January 15, 2011

Colorful Still

Evening Sky
I just knew this would be a good shot with the Lumix. 1/14/11

It was time to go out and pick up a few things for dinner. The sun had set and there was just a little color in the western sky as I stepped outside onto the second floor stairwell.

In my pocket was the Sanyo camera that I had brought because it seems to work well at night, using the flash. But when I saw the color of the sky behind the oak tree I knew I had to go back and get the Lumix and shoot this with it’s night scenery setting. 

I Didn’t Get Very Far
The car wouldn’t start. Had to stay home. Time to make lemonade. 

When it rains a few days in a row, it seems to wash away the charge in the Buick’s battery. Thursday, Ed the Treehouse maintenance man gave me a jump start so I could get out and do the things I had to drive around to do. I was careful not to let the car sit too long, for I had a pretty good idea that it might not hold it’s charge for more than an hour.

It only does this when it’s rainy, so I have to think that some component shorts out when exposed to excessively moist conditions. Or else the battery is no longer up to snuff. 

I’ll Ask One Of These Guys
I think this picture is ready to represent our ‘stellar’ band.

There were a lot of pleasurable projects to pursue right here at home, so it wasn’t a disappointment to be without transportation. I had a bag of veggies in the refrigerator that I could pop in the microwave to steam after a nice long shower, so things turned out splendidly. 

Casual Dining
What could be more tasty and healthy than steamed veggies and a sundae?

It was a pleasant day, evening, and night. I did some more production on the viola book, the new years eve CD, the band pictures, read a couple of books, and managed to avoid the yammering of the television and radio characters, (although I did watch the Daily Show on my Macbook).

I think I will see about getting the Buick battery fully charged, now that I look at the time, that would be today.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Love Is Eternal

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