Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photographic Proof

The Sun Also Rises
Sunrise from my balcony. 1/26/11

When I went to bed a little after midnight, I thought to myself; “Self...I bet that you could get a good picture of the moon if you got up early enough in the morning.”

Sure enough, after a cramp in my leg woke me up, I saw pink light through the slats of the window blinds. I got out of bed, pulled on some clothes, grabbed the Lumix TZ1, and hobbled out onto the balcony to catch a bit of the spectacle before it turned into day.

Oh yeah, I got some great shots of the moon, too.

Hey, look it’s the moon!
Closer look
Near miss

Not to be outdone, today’s sunset was stellar, as well.
Sundown reflected on the roof of the Buick.

Something Entirely Different
A tiny blue flower visits Image Tricks.

I am still discovering more magic in the new image editing software I downloaded the other day. There are virtually billions of transformation possibilities to explore. Fun stuff.

Magic Eight Ball?
I thought I could rack up a few ‘combination shot’ puns with this plug about my new, 54 cent, in-ear listening devices that arrived from Singapore today. I figured I might cue up a few tunes and have a ball, but they kept rolling away and wouldn’t stick. Time to pool all the plays on words and put them on the table to see how they lie.

If I Wake Up Early, Again
Look at what awaits us all just before sunrise tomorrow.

If you get up an hour before sunrise tomorrow (Jan. 27) and have clear skies, you’ll be greeted by a spectacular array of stars and planets spread across the southern horizon with the quarter moon as a celestial centerpiece.

Most people lose track of the moon at this time of the month because it’s in the morning sky.You will see, spread in a gently curving arc, the bright planet Venus, the red giant star Antares (1.0), the moon (–11.8), the blue-white star Spica (1.0), and the planet Saturn (0.7). Above them all, directing the show, will be the orange star Arcturus (–0.7).

Today’s relatively Appropriate Song;

Music Has No Borders

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