Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Excited Photons

Keep On Coming

You can see this show at Tuesday Super Sunset

There were so many events in the evening Redding sky that anywhere I pointed the camera, there was another spectacular photo opportunity just asking to be a part of the image fest.

There was even a Hungry Wolf  Moon that made an appearance.

There is a lot going on in the world of human endeavors these days, but I am not inclined to engage in outrage at the childish clamoring from the highly paid political propagandists on cable news and talk radio. I have better things to do, and share with you.

As if to bless my soul, (or any soul that welcomes enlightenment), there have been five straight days of awesome natural art on the really big screen of the evening sky. These wonders of life on earth have lifted me above the petty and the pointless and put me back on the path of the next right thing.

The redeeming refracted light show in the atmosphere, returned again this evening in splendid form(s).

The specks of dust over Lassen Peak are birds catching the last rays.
This song of sunset color was on the set list again tonight.
Even Mount Shasta shone in the gloaming.

These and more images of the evening show can be observed in This Album.

But what about the Hungry Wolf Moon? Well, it’s like this; My Lumix TZ1 is not set up for the moon in a dark sky. To get the detail of the craters and contrasting shades of rock and dust, the moon must be in a lighted sky.

I don’t mind this peculiarity, as it makes those times when conditions are right into something special and noticeably magical. So tonight, although I took a whole series of the moon rise, they do not appear on this page.

Back from the Treehouse sunset appreciation adventure.

Happy, (belated), Birthday to Marian Sauer, (I don’t know why I always think it’s the 20th), who’s 91st trip around the sun was completed on the 17th.  In honor of that occasion, and all these colorful sunsets, (Have you been able to see them in Richmond, or has it been foggy?), I have selected a song that Marian, Leona, and I recorded a few years ago as...

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Life Is Good

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