Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brighter And Brighter

Better And Better

Each year I take pictures of the tree blossoming by my balcony, and each year the blossoms just seem prettier than the year before. I like it.

Because the January Sunset movie was so satisfying, I have begun other similar photo collections to write music to, so I can make more fun slide shows. I have begun the space ship cloud show, and now I think I will round up pictures involving this tree. I have images from December, 2007 to the present. Oh boy, another project.

These new blossoms by the driveway are really pretty. I have been looking at them from different angles and in different light to discover many shapes, colors, and growth stages.

When I look down inside the blossoms they appear a lot different than the outside.

What a wonderful and magical world we have been given to live in.

A close look at tonight’s coffee bean selection. Organic Colombian Fair Trade Shade Grown Bean Blend from Trader Joe’s. I played with the image so that the ground coffee dust would not distract from the happy beans and colorful container that they came in.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Growing and Growing

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