Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Not The Same Old

Grind - er

When I woke up this morning, it was lovely. The birds were singing, the flowers blooming, and my coffee grinder was growling...Wait! What? What the heck is making the grinder growl?

I got out the magnifying glass, and looked closely at the blade assembly. I noticed a section of the plastic had broken off and that there was a split across the top. This probably was throwing the thing out of balance, causing the growl and the heavy vibration while it was in operation.

I wondered where the broken pieces went until I realized that they most likely became part of the ground beans that I brewed in the last pot or two of coffee. That didn’t seem like something I wanted to drink each morning until either the blade flew off or I dropped dead from ingesting brewed plastic powder, so I went out and got a new coffee grinder. (I don’t remember what year I got the old broken grinder, but I used it a lot and I am sure I got my moneys worth.) I looked at 4 stores and finally got one at Target.

That’s the third time I have been in Target since I moved here in 2007.

While in the store, a guy came up to me and said; “Phil”? I said; “Yes”. At first I didn’t recognize him, but it was Ted from the band, ‘Magic Bus’. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years, but I didn’t remember him looking like a thin version of William Powell.

We exchanged pleasantries and I came back home with the new coffee grinder.

I put some Bolivian, fair trade beans into the new Mr. Coffee, coffee grinder, (actually made by Sunbeam), and gave it a test spin. It sounded faster and more efficient than the previous one. I gave it 12 or 15 seconds and I couldn’t hear or feel any remaining pieces of bean being ground, so I checked out the results.

The beans were reduced to a powdery espresso consistency. Wow! The other grinder never ground this fine no matter how long it ran. Now I can choose how fine or coarse I want to grind my coffee. What a treat. What a luxury. What a life.

Absolutely delicious.

This opens the door to an even greater appreciation of the coffee experience that I enjoy so much. I can now experiment with my favorite beans and grind them to different levels of fine and coarse to determine which combination best brings out the unique flavors when brewed. I wonder what kind of coffee I will be grinding and brewing for me tomorrow?

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;
(This is quite a coincidence; This guy has a similar grinder, and he has a can of the same Bolivian beans I tested my new grinder with. I use a different method of getting the right consistency,  but just finding this particular video was a surprise.)

How You Bean, Kid?

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