Monday, February 21, 2011


Power Outage

The electricity went off this afternoon. It was quiet for awhile. I didn’t miss the roar of my refrigerator or the pervasive low rumble of the buildings heating and air conditioning machinery.

I did miss having inter-net access, but I found the absence of the sounds of electrically powered equipment to be a pleasant respite. It was sunny on the balcony and I have books to fill my mind while I wait for the volts and amperes to play in the wires again.

The power outage was an opportunity to see how we residents can handle disruption of our routines, and I found our calm reaction to this event spoke well of our mutual strength in a crisis.

The doors to the buildings, here at the Treehouse, have electrically powered locking mechanisms that no longer allowed one access from the outside, so Brandi, (the dog), monitored the door with a couple of my neighbors so I could go out on an information gathering excursion, and still be able to get back in to give a situation report.

No one from the other building seemed to know anymore than the fact that the power was out. I continued to call the emergency electrical outage number and it continued to be busy. I tried to find information on my portable radio, but it was just the same old talk show type news that combines derogatory remarks about the president with wacky interpretations of what they think is written in the constitution. No help from the radio.

The radio news reminded me of an article I read about the new republican congress-persons, and how they have been voting to cut items from the budget even though they have yet to read any actual budget statistics, data, or reports from the designated departments that keep track of our nations finances!

I still don’t know what caused the power to be out for an hour. I have been checking all the evening news updates from the TV and up to the minute local on-line newspapers, but I think the holiday replacement news crews may have missed this important story.

After the power was restored, Jeff came over so I could share some of the digital audio mixing techniques I use to produce recorded music. He is a quick learner and improved his mixes in a matter of hours.

Thank you George Washington for helping get this country started, and happy birthday.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Wonderfully Mixed Up Music

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