Friday, February 18, 2011

Part One


Thursday morning I got a call from Sandi. She was turning around and going back home because it was snowing too hard and heavy for her windshield wipers to give her a clear view ahead.

I was just getting up to make a pot of coffee, so when she asked me if it was snowing heavily here, I had to admit that I hadn’t looked out the window, yet.

Once I checked the weather outside, I understood why she would want to stay home rather than drive up the hill to the Treehouse. There were a lot of crashes and near misses being reported in the on-line papers, and it would be foolish to be driving out on the slippery roads if one didn’t have to.

The snow gave me new subjects for the Lumix TX1, and I spent the day taking pictures and video of the snow storm. I even made a snow creature that Ed, our maintenance man, cavorted with.

The wintry weather made objects d’ art out of nearly everything in it’s path.

I shot more than enough video to warrant a music video, (as soon as I write the music). The storm was kind enough to increase and abate more than once, so there are various stages of snowfall. snow melt, and light from morning to night.

I hope you enjoyed these images from yesterday. There is so much material that I am going to make this story in more than one lump. Consider this part one of the great snowstorm saga of February 17, 2011, and stay tuned for the next installment.

Be kind to each other whenever possible.

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