Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feels Like

Chilly Wind A Blowin’

Last summer, I got a hat with a string on it so it wouldn’t blow off in the wind. It has mesh on the crown to let the heat out. I am wearing it in the above picture. It is trying to leave my head and sail away but the string under my chin wont let it.

I was over in the parking lot of the Dialysis Clinic on Northpoint Drive, to see how some of my favorite landscape subjects would appear from that point of view.

A few weeks ago I got a felt hat to keep my head warm in the winter. It keeps my head  nice and toasty, but it doesn’t have a string to keep it from blowing away.

Even though the weather hid Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen, there were still some spectacular views of the nearby hills and mountains. I took some pictures and my hat with the string tried to fly like the wind, but I soon realized nothing was there, on either hat, to keep my ears warm.

On some of the weather sites where I check to see what to expect when I venture outside, they have the actual temperature, and then they have a ‘feels like’ temperature. I quit taking pictures today when my inner weather man, (after noticing my ears were beginning to hurt from the cold), my inner weather man said; “It ‘feels like’ you ought to get out of this cold wind, go home and bake that Trader Joe’s pizza in a 425 degree hot oven.”

I took that sage advice, made the pizza, a pot of espresso, and sat down to a tasty meal accompanied by a Mary and Pamela O’Shaughnessy, Nina Riley, mystery. If you haven’t read this one, (it’s from 2005), you are missing some of their best character development ever. 

The way they describe higher mathematics as an art form is the best explanation for the uninitiated that I have ever read. I came away with the feeling that I have some grasp of the intricate dance of the prime numbers as they seem to stretch out past the point of logic and order, as we know it.

I think I am going to need a warm hat with a chin string and fuzzy ear flaps.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Icy Fingers

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