Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seafood, And Other

Tuesday Delights

Sometimes I get distracted by the things I read in the news, and I find myself annoyed with people who make egregiously absurd statements based on faulty information. I know it’s a foolish waste of time and energy, and I generally stay above the fray, but occasionally, somethings bug me.

Some one says, or prints that a Florida judge has ruled ‘Obamacare’ is unconstitutional. That gets repeated on TV, radio, newspapers, and conservative blogs until people are repeating this misinformation as fact.
I always question the intelligence and credentials of anyone who would use the term, “Obamacare”, instead of, “The Affordable Care Act”.  When people use slanderous or derisive terms like that, it makes me doubt the veracity of the information. Luckily I can use this computer to find a copy of the actual document and read it for myself.
Within minutes, and 78 pages later, I could see nowhere in the judges written ruling where he ever stated that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional. He did take issue with the, “individual mandate”, contribution to health care reform. He wrote that the affordable care act itself is constitutional, but the individual mandate, (that the republicans put in the reform act), was not. (One might think that Mitt Romney put the individual mandate in the bill just so they could challenge it when the bill was passed.)
This ruling is one of four lower court rulings regarding the Affordable Care Act. There are 2 rulings for, and 2 against. Apparently the favorable rulings are not considered newsworthy, and haven’t been covered as aggressively as the unfavorable rulings in the news media.
It is expected that the Supreme court will uphold the constitutional legality of the Affordable Care Act, and the political theatrics of the lower court rulings will be dismissed.

It was after 5 by the time I got up to the dam to take a picture of Mt. Shasta on this beautiful clear day, but as you can see, I was right on time for the suns last light.

I ate all the trader Joe’s scallop bites and they were good. Next time I will figure out how to just cook ½ at a time. Maybe I can split the cooking tray and put half back in the freezer. I am still too full for apple pie and ice cream, 5 hours later! I am so lucky to have all this food in a world where many people have little or nothing to eat today.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Hold Tight

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