Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Tempel 1

The New York Times described this comet as being the size of Manhattan. It is estimated to contain some of the very first matter produced by the Big Bang. Matter from which the materials that make up all life that exists in the known universe originates.

The water that is falling from the sky and being whipped against my windows by 40 mph gusts of wind, can be traced to comets that crashed into our planet earth in it’s younger years.

The water that falls on the recently repaired Buick is millions of years old comet juice. Talk about seeing the big picture!

Staying inside when it’s cold and stormy outside is nice.

Stinky Sock Lovers
The stinky smell of sweaty socks might repulse humans, but scientists now find it enthralls mosquitoes and spiders. The odor apparently helps the creatures hunt down their victims — the mosquitoes want to feed on people, while the spiders prefer to devour the mosquitoes. (Foot Notes)

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