Friday, February 4, 2011

I Knew One Would Appear

They’re Here

I knew that if I was patient, and kept an eye on the sky, there would be an opportunity to take a picture of the space alien mothership. Here it was, the very next day after I wrote about lenticular clouds.

I saw it first from home at the treehouse and considered driving up to the lake to get a better composition, but I was on my way to the utility company with some questions about the amount of my bill, so I stopped next to the carwash at the vacant lot where I get pretty good shots of Mt. Shasta and took a few pictures, (about 20).

On another note; While I was taking pictures of the flying saucer earlier in the afternoon from the landing at the Treehouse, this robin began chattering and asking me to take it’s picture, (so I did, to the tune of about 10 great images).

Down below, in Dorthy’s garden, I noticed she now has 2 owls to scare away the gophers. I wrote about how a passing horned owl stayed around for a few nights calling to the first fake owl that she put out in her garden. (Owl Story) I wonder what two will inspire.

I was looking for colorful blooming flowers in the backyard, ( behind ‘A’ building), but the flower beds are in between blossoms and pretty petals. But I did find that someone had a tangerine tree, growing in a bucket, so I did find something colorful to photograph to place on this page for your enjoyment.

On my way back from the library and utility company, I stopped at a good vantage point and took more pictures of the alien volcano eater as the sun sank in the west.

I took about 90 pictures of the cloud that turned out to be ‘keepers’, and some, when shown in a series, show spots of turbulence whirling around the center of this wonderful alto-cumulus construct. I will have to figure out a way to make an entertaining presentation built around those images.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Low Hanging Fruit

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