Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Can See

Visions Of Wintry Wonder

There were so many pictures, portraits, snapshots and movies to take as a result of the big snow storm, that I am still sorting through them tonight along with the new images from today. What a wonderful, beautiful, picturesque world I am in.

No matter where I look, up, down, or all around, I keep seeing something worth looking at, (and maybe even photographing).

I wasn’t sure if I got the little helicopter flying by the giant clouds, until I got home and looked at the images on the computer.

It was a glorious afternoon to be out taking pictures. It was good to clear the head, and the brisk, (cold), air stimulated my senses. With clear ears and a happy heart, I did a little mixing on one of my songs that Mark added a bass part on last night.

This particular music production is starting to sound like the soundtrack for a scene from a movie, (at least it starts a movie playing in my head now each time I hear it). I am beginning to see this movie as if it has already been made, but I think it’s animated art, rather than real life. What do you think?

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;
 Lusty Track by Phil Seymour

Song Painting

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