Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The 19th Greenery

Filled With Promise

In my ongoing efforts to conserve gasoline, I got an apple pie at Raley’s instead of Trader Joe’s last night. The pie is delicious, and I have saved some gas for another trip.

The flowers are blooming all around the Treehouse, and when I went out in the afternoon to get the mail, and a couple of pictures for this blog.

Dorothy was out behind ‘A’ building, working on her garden. She ‘rescued’ the tree you see with the purple leaves, but isn’t sure what it is. Some say crepe myrtle, others think it’s a cherry tree. I guess we will find out when it makes cherries, or crepes.

I called the woman from the Prevent Blindness organization to tell her about my minor miracle that occurred when I went to the eye doctor to get glasses so I could pass the DMV eye test. I thanked her for her help and shared some of my joy from discovering that my eyes are fine.

I thought I might take a look at how the roses outside the dining room are coming along, just in case there was one that was begging to be in a picture.

I was ambushed by beautiful, colorful, distinctive roses, no matter which way I turned.

Living, breathing plants, insects, birds, and people filled my heart with the promise of spring and the fragrance of blooming flowers.

I ended up taking more than 100 pictures of the flowers. 76 were keepers.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

76 from the 19th

Stop And Smell The Roses

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