Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Between The Lines

Today I added another chapter to the DMV renew my license saga. I went to the DMV a few minutes before my appointed time, (10:30am), and my number was called at 10:32.

Very impressive. Until I flunked the eye test!

All this time, I thought that I could see pretty darn good, but when asked to read the eye chart, I couldn’t really make out some of the letters. (It must have been the font...ha ha.)

So, I got my picture taken, thumb print scanned, and a temporary license until I go get glasses and they fill out another form.  Another interesting path to travel on life’s great adventure.

My next stop was to go get a smog certificate for the Buick. I went to Rocha’s Auto Service, (the same place that installed a new air flow sensor last July). (Post)

On the way to and from Rocha’s, there were some wonderful views of Shasta, and Shasta Bally. Oddly enough, the road I took was called, ‘Shasta View’.

Julio, (pictured above), was telling me that he is getting an iPad for when he flies his airplane. He said there is an FAA approved iPad App for aeronautical flight charts that automatically updates them, so he doesn’t have to buy new charts every 3 months.

Dorothy at work in her garden.

Dorothy is planting a whole lot more colorful vegetation that I look forward to photographing as they bloom. Thank you Dorothy, we all enjoy your flowers.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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