Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Call It Stormy Monday

The Man Who Wrote The Song

T-Bone Walker

I was listening to some of the archived recordings in the Library of Congress today, and somehow found the original T-bone Walker recording of “They Call It Stormy Monday” blues.

Any blues musician who has ever played the blues since 1948, has played a version of Call It Stormy Monday. This is the original recording that T-bone did of his song in 1947.

If you would like to know more about this revered blues guitarist try the following link;

Old/New Violin

John Harrison is trying out, yet another violin making experiment with a different finish, old style hand crafted purfling, and a higher arch. In another week or so, he will put on the pegs and fittings he has been preparing, and we will get a chance to hear what it sounds like.

German Girl Trains Cow


Computer Chip Art

Close up of humming bird

If you were to look at the different layers of etched silicon circuitry with a magnification of 200 - 400x, you might find that the people who designed the circuits have etched tiny bits of art in the open spaces.

See the gallery and story - Silicon Art Library

What A Tangled Web

Everyone, and everything that could, headed for higher ground during the recent floods in Pakistan, including arachnids. Millions of spiders have been living in the trees above the flood waters, and their webs have formed giant cocoons over the trees.

This is a good thing because they are eating malaria carrying mosquitoes that have been breeding in the stagnant pools left by the floods. The story and more pictures, HERE.

Like A Day At The Beach

Low clouds and a stiff breeze with temperatures in the low 60’s make it feel like a day at the beach, here in Redding, today. Still good though. Reminds me of Newport Beach.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Changing With Scenery

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