Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's Try The New Improved Docs, Again

Shall We?

When I last attempted to use this ‘new and improved’ version of Google Docs,  it wanted to make page breaks, and the Blogger editor wouldn’t recognize the data.

One of the songs that Songbird and Skallywag did Friday night, reminded me of a similar set up I used for one of my songs. I wonder if we both wrote them in the 90’s?

The setup was to exploit the meaningful sound of a song being sung in a romance language, such as Spanish. One writes the song with the usual Am - F - E7 set of chords and plaintively sing the melody as though your heart is breaking.

Mine is about a Cabana boy who falls in love with a vacationing American woman, but I have yet to translate it so I can sing it in Spanish, or Portuguese.

Theirs was already translated, so they sang the story of a woman trying to get her husband to mow the lawn, in Spanish with an unrequited love sounding melody. It sounded wonderfully romantic.

I got out the recording stuff and began reconstructing my song with new tracks and space for me to try singing in Spanish. I can use Google Docs to translate my words into just about any language I wish, so I will experiment with a few that make the right loves passion sounding words.

In the meantime, I see that Google Docs is still forcing page breaks with this latest update. I will have to see how I can prevent that from happening.

Okay, there is a feature that they call ‘Compact View’, that except for little dotted lines, may have solved the problem.

Today’s images were taken in the afternoon and evening, here at the Treehouse with the trusty second hand Panasonic Lumix TZ1.

The song for today doesn't have any relevance to the post, it just that Billie Holiday’s version of this song was stuck in my head, so now I will pass it on to you.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

What A Life

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