Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never Give Up

Just Alter The Strategy

I have some really cool graphic design software for making this site look even better than it does now. ( If you are viewing this as an email, it’s not quite as slick as the actual blog on-line, but I do try to arrange things so they will look good in that format as well.)

I like to try new looks, and compilations of content, and I see how some of the newspapers and magazines put a lot of stuff on one page, and its not too cluttered, sometimes. So I play around with new looks in Pages and other editing software.

I could do it like this; Recent photos PDF

But what I really would like, is to actually put that PDF on this page, because it is an actual page. (Except that in it’s original form, its over 25 megabytes of data.)

I do have a resizing program that might work. Lets take a look;

Well, there it is, but does it work? Is it legible? Should it be bigger? We shall see.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

I Knew I Could

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