Saturday, April 9, 2011

It Seems Slow

How Fast Is It?

Another rose appears along the sidewalk here at the Treehouse. 4/9/11

I have been down this road before. Last night/evening, I was showing a friend some information on iPads. The video’s were running slow, not fully loading, and some were not working at all. I tried my other browsers, but nothing would budge the slow loading, quirky programs.

Test at 2:18 pm 4/9/11

Normally I use Firefox as my browser, because it is hands down far superior to the others I have tried for the things I do on the Internet. But, for somethings, I will use Safari or Chrome.

Tests from 2:21, 2:21.22, and 2:22 pm 4/9/11

Everything I used last night was behaving below par, so I figured it must be some problem at the I.P., (Internet Provider), level and beyond my control. Today I ran some speed checks to see if all was well.

Test at 2:16.55 pm 4/9/11

There are quite a few free speed checks, from various companies including A.T.&T., (the provider that I use), so I figured I would try a few.

Test at 2:23.26 pm 4/9/11

Today’s reported speeds seem to be about the same for all of the sites. But, today I am having no trouble playing the various videos and websites that were troublesome last night. I will repeat the test this at different periods of the day and night for a week or so to see how much fluctuation there is in the numbers, (Not that there is a lot I can do about it, but it’s good to know stuff).

I have embedded a speed test you can try;

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

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