Friday, April 8, 2011


And Between

I had a feeling that Lassen was going to look particularly good this evening, and it did not disappoint. My first round of images showed clouds obscuring Lassen Peak.

The quarry looked picturesque in the slanted rays of the late sun.

Clouds were shredding off Lassen peak in the last rays of light.

I was having trouble getting the Lumix TZ1 to focus in the waning light of day. The setting for scenery that I would normally use just couldn’t find enough light reflecting off of Lassen, but I discovered that the aerial photo setting managed to produce detail from the shadows.

I love that I can still learn something new everyday. I look forward to trying the aerial photo setting in the daylight to see if I get more detail in my landscapes.

I hope your day was filled with illuminating experiences, too.

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