Friday, April 22, 2011



It was a BEE-utiful day, on Maunday Thursday, here in Redding.

If being kind to others was the order of the day, then nature was the kindest to all who were in tune.

Around the Treehouse, the flowers shown brightly, and dazzled the eye with their colorful displays.

(Photo credit - Dorothy O’Neil)

Peggy Richardson and I dazzled the diners at the Treehouse, Easter themed, potluck.

She had nearly forgotten how much joy comes from playing music. Now, once again, she has a song in her heart, thanks to her renewed interest in manipulating melodies.

Even though it was quite a busy day, there seemed to be ample time to stop and photograph the abundant beauty around me.

I hope you can find time, this Earth Day weekend, for a few special moments outdoors, (and in your heart), to appreciate the glorious bounty of life.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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