Thursday, April 21, 2011

That Was Easy

After About 3 Tries

I found a really nice program for modifying text that is really fun.

And it looks good, too.

It’s called Art Text 2 Lite . I spent a little time today improving the graphics on my Happy Phil website, and I am very pleased with the results.

We had more rain today, and tonight as I write this, but it just made the flowers even prettier with every drop.

Another little project I completed this evening was to put a more up to date version of the viola iBook for the iPad project up on YouTube. This is kind of tricky because I used Quicktime screen capture to make a .mov file and YouTube won’t process those.

I sent the .mov file to iTunes where it changed to .m4v , but YouTube still failed to process it. I imported the original .mov to iMovie, where I did a bit of editing to clean up a few rough spots, and it was there that I found out why YouTube had trouble.

The frame rate was 30fps, or 25fps, and needed to be converted to a frame rate that would be compatible with YouTube. Whew!

You probably wonder why I just didn’t upload to Vimeo, where it handles all frame rates and I could have been done about 4 hours earlier?

Well, I wanted my viewers, friends, and subscribers to YouTube, to see the progress on the Viola book, so I had to find a way to put it there. So...Ta Dah!

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Fiddling Around

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