Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Good friday

Thank Mother Earth

Without this finely balanced planetary environment, there would be no Easter, no eggs, bunnies, or baskets filled with goodies. Without Mother Earth, there would be no us, or any other life as we know it.

When you look at it that way, it makes caring about earth more important than anything.

This evening when I stated that there would be no Easter without Planet Earth, there were a few gasps of denial, but an equal number of  bobbing heads saying, “Hey, that’s right”.  I was relieved, there may be hope for a future, after all.

I was out and about today, enjoying the beauty of Redding, taking a few pictures along the way. Not everyone shares my sense of Redding’s magic and beauty, but they all tend to enjoy the pictures I take. I consider that to be a measure of success and encouragement to continue.

What a gift.

The other day someone asked, while looking at some pictures I have taken, did the roses smell as nice as they looked. I explained that with some of the images, I can, and do actually smell that particular rose's aroma each time I see the picture.

I thank God by treading lightly during my brief visit on planet earth.

If more people realized that ‘this is it’, (there is no other place to live), they might be more conservative with the planets resources. The United States only imports about 20% of it’s oil from the middle east. That means that if everybody simply didn’t take one out of five trips in their cars, we could be completely independent from the oil we are fighting wars for.

Ah well, some of us do what we can, like supporting environmental protection organizations, to try to keep what natural balance we can.

Like eating food that looks like this;

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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