Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best Gift?

The Present

This rose caught my eye the way the midday sun enhanced its color as I was crossing the parking lot toward Sandi’s car. It was a gift at that moment. For soon the sun was flickering through the trees on a different flower.

This evening, after I returned from singing and playing at the Shasta Blues Society Thursday Jam, I took another look at the flowers. They were lit up again, only this time it was from a much lower angle. The sun was muted by haze and a few clouds.

That same rose was illuminated, producing a new mixture of colors and light just for that moment. What a nice gift for my photographic enjoyment. As you look at it now, it is a present just for you.

As I remember now, the way it looked and smelled then, that is also the present.

Will I be able to make pretty designs when I whip up whipping cream myself?

I am waiting to see what kind of whipping device presents itself to me before I spend too much time in speculation.

I have never tried those whirling swizzle stick frother-whipper things. I wonder if that will be what pops up in some future present, or will I find a hand mixer on sale instead?

I do know that I plan to only whip up enough for one serving at a time. The spinning swizzle stick seems like it would be easier to wash after each use than a blender, or mix-master.

I like keeping my quests to those things that I can realistically accomplish.

I find it less frustrating than spending all my time trying to protect what is left of the planet from the overwhelmingly destructive practices of money-crazed industrialists.

I donated $5 to the democratic convention. We/They even have a car in the race there in that 'NASCAR land' they call the Southeastern United States.

I am hoping that the car is fueled by good old American ethanol from the local moonshine stills.

We had a nice sunset today, here in Redding. I sincerely hope yours was enjoyable too, ( for my readers in some other parts of the world, I hope you are enjoying the sunset you are presently, or about to, watch ).

Today’s G.O.T.* Video;

Release The Butterflies

*Game Of Thrones political attack ad

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