Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Big Spots Replaced

With Little Spots

Yesterday, I took  advantage of the rain that allowed me to towel away the big dust spots left by the previous week's rain shower. I guess it was a two towel job because this morning, instead of big dust spots there were a whole bunch of little dust spots left by the subsequent rain showers later that evening.

All day we had clear blue skies with a few clouds around the fringes of the horizon.

As usual, there were a few flowers that insisted that I take their picture. The colors and beauty could not be ignored.

I didn’t get around back to photograph the flowers in Dorothy’s garden, but I did get to see her and her dog Murphy, so I took his picture instead.

I sang the song, “All I Do Is Dream Of You”, yesterday at the Treehouse music matinee, and it has been stuck in my head ever since. It’s a fun song that I have played with the LMP Trio, but I had never tried singing it until Monday.

In one of Marian’s emails, she mentioned that there may be a possible live performance coming up for the LMP Trio. That sounds like fun to me.

The moon is reappearing in another round of the earthly skies. I will see just how detailed a picture I can get this time.

According to the weather forecast, we should have clear skies for at least a week or two. The blue skies will be accompanied by the warm temperatures of summer in the northstate.

Today’s Classic Video;

Music To My Ears

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