Saturday, June 30, 2012

Up Early

At The Crack Of Noon

I don’t want to waste the extra second we get today. (Explanation by NASA)

Start off with a tasty breakfast.

Then sort through the pictures that have accumulated since Wednesday. There are a few that could be displayed on Flickr, (see the slideshow below). While they upload, I eat a healthy breakfast and do a bit of reading.

A Few Photo Highlights;

I had hoped to go see what new fresh produce was appearing at the Saturday farmers market, but they close each week about the time my eyes are focusing. (The crack of noon)

Yesterday I was up early to go the the food distribution at the convention center. I drive Mark Relly, and whomever else happens to need a ride each month, to pick up commodities and produce. At certain times of the year, this requires me to be up at the crack of dawn.

This might be a good day to explore some new photo opportunities around this picturesque part of the world where I am experiencing the amazing gift of existence.

When I think of the damages caused to nature, people, and the environment, that are included with each gallon of gas that I burn, it makes me more judicious in choosing where, how much, and why, I travel.

On the other hand, I realize that if I go out and photograph some of this great life we have now, the next generations will at least have pictures of what a wonderful place this used to be.

Also on my list is a fishing license, and a senior parks pass. I would like to fish now and then, and I do enjoy visiting the parks and recreation areas around here. So, clearly, I would be well served by obtaining the appropriate permits to do so.

Well, now it is time grab my cameras and head out into the grandeur of the northstate landscape to save little pieces of time through the magic of digital images.

There is no rush. Today we have an extra second.

Today’s Video;

Tokyo from Lukas Backland on">Vimeo.


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