Monday, June 4, 2012

To The Moon

Or The Volcano

Last night I woke up and took a picture of the moon with the new, ‘used’, Lumix FZ5 camera. It captured a beautiful image of the lunar landscape. I sent it out to a couple of friends and went back to bed.

Manzanita Lake

When I woke up this morning, (near noon), there was an e-mail from Michael Karas, asking if I wanted to go up on Mt. Lassen to test out the new camera. I replied yes.

Photogenic Pine

Michael is also an avid photography buff, and MT Lassen didn’t disappoint anyone's expectations on this glorious day.

Summit Lake - Lumix TZ3

I also took pictures with the Lumix TZ3 and iPod Touch, as well as video and time lapse sequences. It will take a while to sort through this mass of imagery, but some of the pictures stood out immediately.

Summit Lake - Lumix FZ5

The big storm had not arrived yet, although the temperatures were cooler up there, especially around 8000 feet.

Upper Meadow

There were snow-covered meadows and snow packed slopes on the mountains that a few hardy souls were hiking up and skiing down during the day.

Through the tinted window

What a place. I just think it’s amazing to leave Redding, where it was almost 90°, and a few minutes later we are in a winter wonderland on Mount Lassen.

Slope of the Volcano

Tonight’s big giant storm is supposed to be arriving and conditions on Mount Lassen will certainly be less pleasant for the casual traveler. I’m glad I had this opportunity to go up there today when conditions were perfect for testing out the Lumix FZ5.

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