Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transits Sun

And The Beat Goes On

I managed to get a picture of the Venus transit with the same camera setup I used for the eclipse. The Lumix TZ3 with one half of the cardboard framed eclipse glasses over the lens.

I keep thinking there is a dust speck on my screen, but it’s the Sun with a seemingly flyspeck sized planet Venus blocking the light.

In Other News;

It Rained Yesterday, (Monday).

While the Treehouse Monday Cabaret and Music-fest was going on, the songs were punctuated with lightning flashes and thunderclaps.

I tried to pick songs that had a rain theme, or the words, “Rain, Thunder, lightning, storm, clouds and tears”, somewhere in the song.

“When tears come down, like falling rain”, was an easy one.

“I wish you shelter from the storm...”, wasn’t much of a stretch, either.

Bill Bailey had a rainy evening, as you might remember, and I figured I could generously include songs with, ‘moon’, just to keep things moving.

After we finished, and I was bringing instruments back to my apartment, I noticed some unusual clouds overhead. That should explain the cloud pictures I have posted.

Sometime, after midnight, I took a couple of pictures of the moon, (in between clouds). The Lumix FZ5 certainly does a fine job with the moon.

I combined a song from the Monday music recordings with time-lapse clips from the weekend. This song doesn’t have the word rain in it, but it can deliver a falling tear or two.

It certainly rings my emotional bell.

Tonight’s Video;

Like A River

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Great video Phil.