Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunshine, Clouds

And Rainbows

Clouds drifted slowly overhead from the west, and lingered over Redding while leaving the eastern mountain range sunny and clear for most of the day.

When old Sol did shine through holes in the cloud cover, I was able to get some pictures of the gardens behind building A.

There were colors and combinations that I don’t normally get to photograph out back with the sun upon them. Today was special and I got these out of the ordinary views.

The opportunities for capturing color and light continued as I got another chance to snap a few pictures outside the dining room just before we began the Monday Treehouse Cabaret and Poetry Hour.

The sunlight was diffuse, giving rich color tones to some of the roses along the parking lot by the patio.

It was our resident poet’s birthday, so after the music and poetry, Margaret shared her cake with those of us who were there. Jackie and Darlene baked the cake. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream frosting.

Margaret successfully blows out the candles.

After enjoying a piece of cake and conversation, I packed up the instruments and equipment so I could take them back upstairs. The clouds overhead finally grew too heavy to hold all the water they were accumulating and it began to rain.

Off to the east, MT Lassen was still basking in the sunshine.

I figured the big drops of rain that were wetting the Buick made it the perfect time to towel off the water spots on the car. It was a nice gift and it saved me the 2 bucks I was going to spend at the coin op car wash up on Lake Blvd.

That extra two dollars came in handy when I went to Raley’s to get another box of one of my favorite organic cereals. Soon, I was sitting with the laptop on my lap, editing the photos taken during the day.

My phone rang right before the door bell was rung. It was two of my neighbors letting me know that there was a rainbow now appearing outside to be admired and photographed.

The setting sun had managed to peek under the clouds and raindrops refracted the low angled light into all the colors of a rainbow. There was even a double portion to be seen.

It was a lovely sunset no matter how you looked at it. What a day.

Today’s Light Video;

Passing Through from Olafur Haraldsson on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo.

On The Horizon

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