Friday, June 1, 2012

June Arrives


June arrived splendidly with temperatures in the comfortable 100s, and the skies were blue. Some nice clouds were forming over the mountains so I headed up to the lake to take some time lapse movies.

This was my first chance to test out the new camera taking pictures of Mount Shasta from the lake. I brought both the Lumix TZ3 and FZ5 models to see how they matched up.

It was too hot up at the dam overlook for the iPod Touch to sit on the tripod in the sun, so I moved down to a shady spot closer to the lake and began taking a time lapse video.

I brought home plenty of pictures and video that turned out very nice. This weekend I’ll try to combine some of it into a production with music and transitions.

The day was still young so I took more pictures with the new camera with some very nice results. I like the way it captures red. Shades of red. Without over-saturating.

The Treehouse residents are having their annual rummage sale this weekend. I bought a large picture frame for three dollars. Big spender.

There is so much stuff it doesn’t all fit in the dining room and is sitting outside. I like the size of the mirror in this picture but not the frame. So I guess I’ll just keep my next three dollars in my pocket.

A big wind came up around eight o’clock and blew in cool temperatures. It cooled down real fast from 106 to 91.

On Monday it’s supposed to get even cooler and they forecast snow on the mountains with rain at lower elevations.

Today’s Relevant Video;

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