Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

The Day Is Long

When I first went outside today, I noticed clear, blue sky and crisp views of the distant mountains. It was a probable promise of great photo possibilities on this, the longest day of 2012.

I immediately noticed that with less than a minute of standing still, I could feel the sun’s radiation burning my skin. I also noticed that no one else was standing around in the sun.

I took a few pictures of Lassen and Shasta Bally from the parking lot and went into the mailroom to see what might be awaiting perusal. I brought Erma’s MacBook Pro and iPhone with me when I went back up to my apartment.

I noticed the other day that she wasn’t getting all the interactive magic from those two devices, so I spent a little time tidying them up and making them more fun for Erma to use.

After I showed Erma some of the things she could now do with her MacBook Pro and iPhone, I walked across the parking lot and went up the stairwell on the east side of A building so I could snap a pic or two of MT Shasta from the second floor landing.

I could also see the wind turbines on top of Hatchet Ridge, so I focused a few shots on them before I stepped inside, out of the heat.

When I got to my door at the other end of the hallway, I looked outside and through the latticework I could see a bird perched on the fence that encloses the Fido play area.

I wasn’t up to going back out in the heat, just then, but I thought I would try zooming through the glass door, threading a diamond in the lattice, and focusing on the bird.

The Lumix FZ5 let me focus through the diamond with precision and ease.

I did go out again around 6:00pm to return a book to the Library and to Trader Joe’s to get milk and ice cream. When I returned to the Treehouse, I noticed the temperature had fallen to 99 degrees. Chilly.

It was beginning to get a bit hazy. MT Shasta was no longer crisp and distinct through the days accumulation of photo-chemicals, dust and pollen. I could still see features on Lassen fairly well, but it wouldn’t be a sharp sunset on either one.

I took one last picture of MT Lassen and called it a day, (even though it remained a day for another 2 ½ to 3 hours due to the summer solstice).

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