Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ship Shape

What’s That Leak?

Mike Cary peers under the hood of the Buick while Nick observes.

Some of you may recall that since I moved to Redding in 2007, I have taken the Buick to Cary’s Tire and Auto Repair whenever there is some issue that requires an automobile expert.

Today is no exception. I have been noticing an oil stain on the blacktop parking lot at the Treehouse, where I park the Buick. I have been thinking about asking Mike to take a look.

On my way to the store today, I saw that Mike had an empty service bay at his shop on Lake Blvd, so I stopped in to ask what he thought might be leaking.

Mike Cary and his helpers looked the engine over, top to bottom, then cleaned off the engine and whatever other mechanical assemblies that might be the culprit(s). Mike said to bring it back after a day or two of driving and it will be easier to locate the leak.

The Redding weather has been windy and pleasantly warm this week. The forecast calls for temps around 110 degrees this weekend. I feel fortunate to have A/C on the really hot days.

When I was younger, I didn’t mind hot temps and didn’t feel the need for A/C, (with the exception of Houston). Now I have to come in out of the heat after an hour or so when temps are over 105.

With rivers and lakes all around me, I can always find water to cool off in when I need to.

This year, the California strawberries and blueberries are particularly tasty. Especially the organic ones. It was a topic of discussion at the Monday Treehouse Cabaret, earlier this week. We had strawberry shortcake for Jackie’s birthday. Everyone agreed that last year the strawberries were sub par, crummy, not as good as this year, (I am probably the only person at the Monday music fest who would use the term sub par).

Life is good. I am happy there are so many fun things to photograph.

The new MacBook notebooks are finally here. I am impressed with the advancements in processing and the new retina display. It should make graphic design and photo/video editing even more precise and inspiring.

Today’s Nerdy Video;

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