Sunday, June 17, 2012

Only 104.9 Degrees

'Feels Like' 100

When I got up this morning, I checked the white towel I had put under the engine overnight. Nothing! Nary a drop of any fluid dripped down from above. That is good news.

This bird was shaking its tail feathers, and trying to get the attention of a potential mate. I always wondered where that line, “shake a tail feather, baby”, came from.

Though the temperature was around 105 today, the “feels like” temp in the weather reports was 100. There was a little breeze, and that did make it seem less hot than it was.

The Treehouse was a good place to be this weekend. We have good air conditioning to beat the heat of the Redding summers. It doesn’t take long for seniors to overheat when it’s abover 100 outside, so we can be happy that we’ve got a place to stay cool.

I got new sunglasses for more UV protection and polarization. I moved a step up from Dollar Store sunglasses to Big Lots sale priced Foster Grants. My eyes thanked me.

I was surprised to see some fresh mushrooms pop up in the hot, dry conditions. Normally I expect mushrooms to need moisture and cooler temperatures. Maybe it was the magic troll that made these grow in triple digit weather.

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