Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Roundup

Gathering Some Of The Rest

Lilies brighten the world around those of us lucky enough to see and enjoy them. I have a backlog of so many lily pictures, that the ones I finally post, have had their day and new ones have taken their place in the scheme of things.

This pie picture is from days ago, but I didn’t have space, or the continuity to place it anywhere, until now. All I remember is that it tasted as good as it looks, and rather than use it as an illustration for a philosophical treatise, it now stands on it’s own merits.

Yesterday, the temperature was cool enough, (79 degrees), that I was able to get some time-lapse video on the iPod Touch from the dam overlook without it overheating and turning off. I took many pictures with the TZ3 and the FZ5 while the iPod was steadily snapping frames that would become the time-lapse. To record a 6 minute time-lapse video takes about an hour.

Beautiful flowers have been attracting my attention for some spectacular compositions of light, shape, and color. The driveway rose, (above), caught my eye as I was coming up the driveway, returning from Lake Shasta. I parked the Buick and walked back to get this almost three dimensional moment.

Another colorful lily makes this page.

Now that I have caught up to my satisfaction, I can begin editing the MT Shasta footage and photos. If I can, I would like to have John Harrison co-write and play on the soundtrack, Monday or Tuesday.

Today was warm, (high 90’s), and windy, here in Redding. I had to keep the string on my hat pulled tight to keep it from blowing off my head.

And now, one of Count Basie’s ‘Jump Tunes’. Recorded in 1937.

Today’s Lively Video;

Foot Tapping To The Beat

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