Monday, March 14, 2011



This brainy CFL comes from solovyovdesign. It shows me that there are still some innovative and intelligent humans on planet earth in spite of the current slide toward ignorance and illiteracy that seems popular in some countries.

Brilliant Colors

The Tulips provide uplifting beauty between the rain showers, and a quick visit to the garden is a colorful diversion.

I thought I might have added a couple of thousand photos since the last time I pared down the amount of space they were taking up on the hard drive, so I backed up everything last night and removed 3,888 photos from the Macbook today. That was over 15 gigabytes of space that is now free to be used for new photos, movies, music, etc.

I am surprised that I was alert enough to do much of anything today after the daylight savings, spring forward, change the clocks day, yesterday seemed to have affected my sleep routine, (like it did last year). This, after all my preparations to avoid being caught unawares by the hour’s difference on the clocks, makes me wonder if there is a reliable method of avoiding time change lag, ( similar to jet lag ).

Before And After

To really get a feel for the scale of the disaster in Japan, and the other affected areas, the New York Times has THIS inter-active collection of before and after images that allow you to slide the after image over the before to see entire coastal towns and villages wiped away. The awesome force of nature is clearly illustrated in these satellite photos.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

All Together

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