Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It’s Faster

Yesterday at the dam, listening to the water flow.

Today I thought I would get the jump on some upcoming bills and tasks. One of these things to do is renewing my drivers license.

Mount Shasta from the Hilltop Drive-I-5 overpass. 3/28/11

They want to take a picture, get a thumbprint, give me a vision exam, and collect $31.00.

Mount Lassen with the roof of Chuckie Cheese in foreground. 3/28/11

In italicized, all caps, Arial font, it is written that I should call my local DMV for an appointment. Sounds easy enough, right?

A bee visits Dorothy’s tulips on a partly sunshine day. 3/29/11

I began my ‘phone the DMV adventure’ at 10:00AM. It is now 4:42PM and I have yet to secure an appointment, nor have I spoken to a human. While I type this I am listening to some sort of garbled easy listening guitar loop from my cell phone speaker while I am on hold. If this is designed to discourage me from ever calling them again, they have succeeded. (Hangs up, diabolical torture sounds cease.)

These tulips have just about run out of time. 3/29/11

When I called this morning the computer voice stated that there would be a 22 minute wait and if I left a phone number they would call me without my losing my place in line.

That sounded better than being on hold for 22 minutes, so I gave the thing my number and went about my business, confident that the wheels were turning and my cog was coming up.

I like the smear of red inside this tulip. 3/29/11

The minutes turned to hours and I thought of driving to the DMV to wait there with a paperback book, or working on my laptop, but I really wanted to try this time saving appointment thing. I called back around 4PM and went through the talking to a computer process again. I was told the wait would be 15 minutes....you know how that turned out.

Tomorrow I will do this task the old fashioned way. I will let you know how much time that takes.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Your Call Will Be Answered Shortly

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