Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Am Glad I Can Have A

Change Of Heart

A day, or two ago I had written the draft of a new post for this blog while I was in a bad mood. I took offense at something I read, and proceeded to tear it to shreds with logic, facts, and reason in a carefully constructed tirade, punctuated with graphics, graphic images, and links to actual research.

Ooh, I was jamming that silly right wing tripe right back into the orifice it came from. At least that’s what I thought while I was compiling the real facts and figures so that no one would be fooled by the likes of Fox commentators or the Koch brothers propaganda blitz ever again.

Luckily, somewhere down in my conscious well of thoughts and feeling there was a tiny light of good sense that suggested I wait and see if publishing that post was really the best thing to do. After all, who am I to take away the cable news and crazy email generated fear that grips many of the people I know?

I feel better, now that the grumpiness has passed and I didn’t sully this little piece of cyberspace by posting frustration driven illustrations of how some factions are succeeding in misleading the marginally informed.

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful tulips from Dorothy’s garden.

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