Monday, March 7, 2011



Synchronicity was rampant in my little part of the world last Friday.

Just before I left for band rehearsal with one worn out pick in my pocket , I checked the mail and the guitar picks I ordered were in my mailbox.

Just as I got to Marks house, a UPS truck came up his road to deliver the new bass that he had ordered.

The rain stopped long enough for Jeff to bring his drums down to Marks in the open bed of his truck.

John showed up after we got set up and had reconfigured the sound system, so we were able to just plug in and begin playing. Things just fell together effortlessly.

On Saturday, not everything went as smoothly as Friday. Here is part of the not so smooth experience of managing my budget, that I wrote on another site;

Paying Bills Online
(excerpt from the ShastaPhil blog)

I tried to do the on-line account stuff with some of my bills. I attempted to navigate the labyrinth of account numbers, user names, passwords, and sites that advertise a world of services, except paying my bill, all to no avail. I feel that all these security measures must certainly foil imposter’s if I can’t access my own phone bill.

Heaven forbid if you aren’t quick enough with your names, numbers, nicknames, and exact spacing, because after finally getting a page full of information filled out, you have to start all over because your connection time expired.

I enjoy writing each check, recording the transaction in my checkbook, tearing off the part of the bill to mail with my check, placing it in the provided envelope, sticking on a stamp and walking down to the mailbox. There is something satisfying in that process that seems to be missing with the pay on-line method. Maybe they should have an entertaining animated cartoon saying thank you, once you have completed an on-line transaction. Maybe they do. How would I know? I can’t even get past the user name account number data entry fields!

Today’s relatively Appropriate Song;

Can You Say Parallax?

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